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Taking the Lead on Medical Research

As President Trump calls for dramatic cuts to life-saving medical research, I led a bipartisan group of House members in an effort to increase in budget for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). My letter to House appropriators urges $36 billion for medical research and was signed by 206 members of the House. President Trump is proposing a nearly 20 percent cut in NIH funding.

Life-saving and life-improving discoveries are regularly made in America and our nation’s investment in medical research fuels those discoveries. The President talks about putting America first yet his budgeting for medical research certainly does not reflect that. If America is to continue as a world leader in innovation and medical research robust funding for the NIH will be key to that. Besides medical breakthroughs and saving lives, NIH funding supports our economy and creates jobs especially here in San Diego.

Equal Pay

I joined Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Senator Patty Murray to introduce the Paycheck Fairness Act, legislation to help ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. April 4, Equal Pay Day, marked the extra days into the new year a woman would have to work to earn as much as a man.  


Dignity and Justice

I heard from victims of the Marine Corps photo scandal about its impact on their lives and careers. Those responsible must be held accountable, and military leadership must renew efforts to prevent cultures of misogyny and disrespect within their ranks.

Transparency in Government

The American people deserve to know what potential conflicts of interest President Trump has in relation to foreign governments and business interests. I signed a "demand a vote" discharge petition to force a vote on the Presidential Tax Transparency Act (H.R. 304) to require the President and future candidates for President to release their tax returns. I will continue to support efforts to compel President Trump to release his tax information publicly. 

Invasion of Privacy

I voted against efforts undertaken by Republican leadership and the Trump Administration to make it easier for Internet service providers to sell individual browsing and search data without your consent. S.J.Res.34 passed the Senate 50 - 48, the House 215 - 205 and was signed into law by President Trump on April 3.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) introduced regulations under the Obama Administration to require Internet providers to get permission from consumers before selling their private information, including browsing history. S.J.Res.34 reversed those efforts. Consumers will now have to actively opt out to prevent providers from selling their private information. Thanks to all who called about this issue. 

Congressional Art Competition

If you know of any high school students interesting in submitting artwork for this year's contest, please click through for details - the deadline is April 19: 


Please take my current survey related to current political and legislative topics: 

Results from the Last Survey

Do you support the Trump-Ryan healthcare plan that - according to the Congressional Budget Office - would cut the deficit, but would result in 24 million Americans losing their coverage?

Yes 19.1%
No 80.9%

Do you support the Trump budget proposal that increases defense spending and decreases funding for science, art, environmental protection, and many other federal programs?

Yes 19.8%
No 80.2%

The greatest privilege I have as your representative is helping the people of San Diego. If you are having a problem with the red tape of the federal government, need help finding grant money, or just have a question or point of view to share, please contact my office for assistance, or check my website: https://susandavis.house.gov/

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