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Dear Friend,

As we near the end of the current congressional recess, the Congress is gearing up to return to DC to debate the federal budget, tax reform, health care, and avoiding a government shutdown if consensus cannot be reached. 

As always, I have appreciated hearing from you on the issues that matter to you. There is so much at stake. 

Warm Regards,

Cosponsored Legislation:

Following the recess, I will be added to the Supreme Court Ethics Act (H.R. 1960), legislation to require the Supreme Court to adopt a code of ethics. Currently, they are exempt from the code of ethics other federal judges are required to follow meant to ensure transparency and neutrality.  

Another bill I will be joining is the Voting Rights Advancement Act led by Alabama Congresswoman Terri Sewell. This legislation would take a comprehensive review of our nation's voting policies, codifying provisions to ensure equal access to the voting booth regardless of which state or district you live in. 

International Affairs 

There is so much going on around the world - North Korea, Syria, and Russia are a few examples. In Washington, I serve on the House Armed Services Committee and this spring, we will hear from the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs and all of the senior military leaders on the challenges they face.

These hearings will also focus on what is needed from Congress in order to keep us safe at home and ensure our men and women in uniform are trained and ready. Rest assured, I will continuing providing oversight of the Trump Administration’s actions and demand congressional involvement anytime military force is pursued.

Tell Me What You Think! 

Take my latest survey to weigh in on the latest federal issues: 

Meals on Wheels: 

This week I was able to visit a senior in the Mission Hills community who relies on Meals on Wheels for his daily nutrition. My constituent has been living in his home since the 1950s and is a retired teacher. It was an honor and delight to sit with him and discuss our perceptions of how San Diego has changed over the years as well as the importance of community programs such as Meals on Wheels.  

With the Trump Administration proposing cuts to Meals on Wheels, I will be fighting in Congress to ensure this vital program has the resources to continue to provide meals to our seniors.

Appreciating the Careers of Teachers

With the congressional district work period in its second week, yesterday I was able to attend a luncheon with the California Retired Teachers Association (CalRTA). I delivered remarks about what is going on in our federal government and shared details about my work as Ranking Member of the House Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Development. 

I also answered questions from the audience which ranged from concerns about the overtaxing of our Military Reserve and National Guard units, especially if there is escalation when it comes to our military involvements overseas - to comments around Social Security and retirement security. 

It was an an interesting and engaging interaction, and I enjoyed receiving feedback and insight from one of the groups of people I respect the most - educators. 

Hillcrest Farmers Market: For two decades the community has been coming together to support our local economy and local businesses. I was pleased to meet local vendors while celebrating the 20th anniversary of this community jewel. 

The greatest privilege I have as your representative is helping the people of San Diego. If you are having a problem with the red tape of the federal government, need help finding grant money, or just have a question or point of view to share, please contact my office for assistance, or check my website: https://susandavis.house.gov/