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Dear Friend,

Congress had a full agenda last month, from action on the DREAM Act to debate about gun violence prevention and tax reform.  We are now well into October and I want to make sure to keep you informed on what's happening here in Washington and in the community.  Take a look at my newsletter below for more insight.

Warm regards,

Another American Tragedy

I was devastated by the news of the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas.  It's hard to comprehend yet another senseless mass shooting. 

These tragedies continue to get worse and more frequent, yet we continue to have the same debate with no action.  Government leaders have a responsibility to address public safety issues and should not be restrained by the power of lobbyists and special interests. 

There are several common sense ideas to address the epidemic of gun violence in our country and many of these enjoy the support of the majority of Americans.  Recently, I joined over 100 of my colleagues in introducing a bill to ban bump stock devices, like those used in the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I also cosponsored legislation to establish a Select Committee on Gun Violence Prevention to look into the causes of mass shootings and ways to improve the background check system to help prevent more tragedies.  Sadly, Congress has blocked research on gun violence since the 1990s, but this must change.  

We owe it to all the victims of gun violence across our nation to find solutions to this horrific problem.  Congress must come together to turn moments of silence into moments of action. 

Moving to Protect Dreamers

Under the president's executive order, October 6 saw the end of renewals for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  This means that DACA recipients will no longer be able to renew their status and now face an uncertain future.

I stand firm in my support for Dreamers, the children who were brought to this country through no fault of their own.  Recently, I took action to force a vote on the bipartisan DREAM Act, which would provide a permanent solution for these young immigrants to remain in this country legally.  I also led a letter with 78 of my colleagues asking the Department of Homeland Security not to use the personal information of DACA recipients for enforcement purposes.  You can read the letter here.

Without action in Congress, the future of 800,000 young immigrants remains uncertain.  I believe we must keep the dream alive and pass the bipartisan DREAM Act now.  

San Diego Regional Chamber Visits DC
Speaking to members of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with members of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s DC delegation in Washington.  Members of the delegation included California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria and San Diego City Councilmember Chris Ward, as well as local businesspeople, and concerned San Diegans who travelled to DC to discuss their vision and goals for San Diego.  
Tax Reform on the Agenda

On the agenda in October is discussion about tax reform.  One proposal pushed by the White House seeks to eliminate the state and local tax deduction that helps many middle class Americans get tax relief.  I'm absolutely opposed to this idea because it punishes hardworking taxpayers in California and hurts middle class Americans across the country.  

I agree with my colleagues that there's a need for tax reform.  We have a complicated tax code that can be exploited by special interests and the wealthy.  This is not fair to the millions of hardworking families and small businessowners who pay their taxes in earnest.  Tax reform must be done responsibly. My focus will be making sure that we fix the loopholes without punishing American taxpayers and their families. 

Touring Samsung on Manufacturing Day
Listening to the President of SAMEX and head of HR.

Last week, I had the opportunity to tour Samsung International and Samsung Mexicana in celebration of Manufacturing Day.  This event, hosted by San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and UCSD’s Center for U.S.–Mexican Studies, is part of a quarterly event series known as Frontera Fridays.  Throughout the day, I spoke with a group of business leaders and entrepreneurs about the importance of manufacturing in San Diego.  The event also showcased San Diego’s unique standing as a truly binational manufacturing economy.

Service Academy Information Night
Speaking to a large group of students and parents on Service Academy Night.

I hosted a Service Academy Information Night at Eastlake High School.  Representatives from the US Naval Academy, West Point, US Air Force Academy, US Coast Guard Academy, Navy ROTC, Army ROTC, and Air Force ROTC were there to answer questions and provide resources to parents and students hoping to attend one of our prestigious military academies.  Nearly 150 students and parents attended the event.  I was encouraged to see so many students interested in learning about attending a service academy and looking to serve their country.

RISE San Diego Luncheon
Meeting with members of RISE San Diego.

I was honored to be at RISE San Diego’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration Luncheon to support the importance of diversity and inclusion in the San Diego community.  A true testament of diversity was shown through the various winners of this years Inclusive Leadership In Action (ILIA) award - one being the Somali Bantu American Association.
Health Care Coverage Survey Results

I appreciate everyone who participated in my health care coverage survey.  The poll was sent to a large number of constituents so I can gain more insight into what San Diegans think about their health care.  You can see the results below.  

1,199 Responses*

How do you get your health care coverage?

 Employer-provided  608  50.7%
 Individual Market  117  9.8%
 Medicare  253  21.1%
 Medi-Cal  71  5.9%
 Covered California (ACA)  112  9.3%
 No health care coverage  38  3.2%

How satisfied are you with your health care coverage?

 Very satisfied  492  41%
 Satisfied, but could be better  335  27.9%
 Satisfied, but too expensive  216  18%
 Not satisfied  156  13%

* This is not a scientific survey.  Responses were collected from constituents who voluntarily submitted answers online.  

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