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Dear Friend, 

Congress is back in session and there's a lot to share. Take a look at some of the things Congress will be working on this month, as well an update on what I've been doing to represent you recently.

Warm regards,

Budget Deal and Hurricane Relief Funds

Congress came together to pass a short term budget bill that will fund the government through December and provide emergency relief for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was set to run out of money on September 9th, but this deal will provide the agency with 7.8 billion dollars to respond to the ongoing disasters in Texas and Florida.   

I’m glad Congress moved quickly and in a bipartisan manner on this issue. You can visit the FEMA website to see how you too can help the relief efforts by clicking on the following link: 

Protecting Dreamers
 Congressional Democrats speaking out for DACA and Dreamers.

Since its implementation, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has been a rousing success. Nearly half of Dreamers are attending school. Many Dreamers are currently in the workforce earning high wages, paying taxes and contributing to social security. Over the next decade, Dreamers are expected to contribute half a trillion dollars in economic activity.

The administration’s decision to end the DACA program will mean that 800,000 hardworking Americans will be put at risk of being forced out of the only country they've ever known. These actions will tear apart families, and hurt our communities, businesses, and economy.

Ending DACA is cruel and unnecessary. Dreamers are contributing to America in a positive way and they should be allowed to keep doing so. I am committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find a permanent solution to this important issue, not a temporary one. That’s why I am cosponsoring the DREAM Act of 2017.

I appreciate all the calls and letters I have received about DACA. If you’d like to weigh in with your thoughts, please take my survey by clicking the link here:

Funding Our Military

In my capacity as a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I added a number of provisions to the national defense bill to expand benefits for military personnel. The Committee approved the National Defense Authorization Act in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote after a nearly 14-hour marathon session.

My contributions included securing additional Afghan Security Forces Funds for women, evaluating equal access to the Supreme Court for our servicemembers in the future, the Military Family Leave Act, increased Explosive Ordnance Disposal reporting, increased GI Bill benefit transparency, streamlined Cyber training and talent management, and Minesweeper capabilities protections.
Safeguarding Title IX Protections
 Discussing education policies as Ranking Member of the Higher Education Subcommittee.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has announced plans to overturn rules on how colleges and universities handle sexual assault investigations. The move weakens Title IX protections, the law that prohibits all forms of sex discrimination in education and directs schools to establish procedures for handling cases of sexual assault. 

Recently, my colleagues and I held a press conference to speak out on behalf of concerned students. I also wrote a letter to Secretary DeVos asking her to meet with survivors of sexual assault and their families to better understand the impact of Title IX. Keeping these protections is something I’m deeply passionate about and I’ll continue working toward making sure our students can feel safe at school.

Learning About Local Apprenticeships
 Listening to apprentices at Solar Turbines.

On a recent trip to the district, I had the opportunity to visit and meet with some of San Diego's most successful apprenticeship programs. Apprentices at SDG&E, MTS, and Solar Turbines spoke to me about what drew them to an apprenticeship program.

I enjoyed hearing about the programs firsthand and talking about how we can encourage more young people to participate in earn-as-you-learn opportunities. In Washington, I will be focusing on finding ways to further promote apprenticeship programs and highlight them as a viable alternative to four-year degrees.

San Diego Small Business Roundtable
Meeting with local small business owners.

Our local Small Business Development Centers are doing amazing work throughout San Diego. In 2016 alone, the San Diego and Imperial County Small Business Development Center Network served more than 1650 small businesses, raised over 24.4 million dollars in Capital, and increased sales by 25.8 million dollars.

I sat down with San Diego small business owners and listened to them explain how they grow with help from their local Small Business Development Center. Many of the business owners expressed to me how difficult it can be to secure prime contracts with the Federal Agencies.  I am committed to finding ways to simplify that process and ensuring our small businesses have an opportunity to compete.

Unfortunately, the current administration wants to cut the funding for the Small Business Development Centers. We need to do more to support small businesses, not hinder them.

2017 Refugee Champion Award
 Receiving award from the Nile Sisters Development Initiative for supporting refugees.

I was honored to receive the 2017 Refugee Champion Award from the Nile Sisters Development Initiative. Given the direction of the current administration, we need to make sure vulnerable communities are protected. I am committed to fighting for refugee and immigrant communities in San Diego.

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