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The year is drawing to a close, but things in Washington have yet to slow down.  Since my last newsletter, there have been several updates on the budget, taxes, sexual harassment, and benefits for veterans and military widows.  I will also tell you about this year’s top constituent issue. 

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End of the Year Agenda

As the year comes to an end, Congress will need to reach a budget agreement that equally boosts funds for our military and other key priorities, such as infrastructure and jobs programs.  A stop-gap budget was passed to fund the government for two weeks while budget negotiations continue. 

Among many budget items, we must provide funding for community health centers and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and protect key programs such as Social Security and Medicare.  Additionally, Congress must work together on a bipartisan bill to pass the DREAM Act and provide relief for the millions of Americans still reeling from natural disasters.

I will be working with my colleagues to ensure that key programs are adequately funded for the year ahead.
Addressing Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace has been ignored and overlooked for far too long.  I’m glad this issue is being widely discussed and addressed.  There is simply no place for sexual harassment in government or anywhere else in our society.

We must demand better of our leaders. That’s why I joined my colleagues in cosponsoring H.Res 630, a resolution that will require Members of Congress and their staff to complete an anti-discrimination and sexual harassment training program.  I am also cosponsoring the Member and Employee Training and Oversight On (ME TOO) Congress Act, which will require more transparency, overhaul the flawed complaint process, and provide better support for victims and whistleblowers.

Additionally, I joined over 100 Members of Congress in calling for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to start an investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct against the President.  Sexual harassment is wrong and we must send the message that we will not tolerate it.

Fighting for Veterans and Military Widows

As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, one of my top priorities is making sure that veterans and their families get the benefits they deserve. 

Recently, I introduced the Fair Access to Insurance for Retired (FAIR) Heroes Act. This bill will provide severely injured veterans the ability to choose between Medicare and TRICARE, a choice they've earned through their service that could save their families over a thousand dollars each year in premiums alone.

I also fought to extend survivor benefits for 63,000 military widows in the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that passed the House and was signed into law this month. These widows will receive approximately $2.8 billion in benefits over the next ten years.

The benefit for widows of servicemembers who died on active duty, called the Special Survivor Indemnity Allowance (SSIA), was set to expire next spring. After a two-year struggle, the benefit was extended indefinitely for these widows through amendments to the NDAA and strong advocacy with other members of the House Armed Services Committee.
Apprenticeship Week Roundtable
Meeting with colleagues at a rountable on apprenticeships.  

National Apprenticeship Week is a national celebration that offers leaders in business, labor, and education a chance to express their support for apprenticeships.  During Apprenticeship Week, I joined my colleagues in Congress for a roundtable discussion on how to expand apprenticeships to help workers.  San Diego is home to some of the country's best apprenticeships.  As a member of the Education and the Workforce Committee, I am committed to continue bringing attention to these programs and expanding them across the country
2017 Constituent Contact Issue of the Year: Net Neutrality

Of all the major issues this year, the one that constituents wrote and called about most was net neutrality.  Since January, I have received over 3,000 constituent messages in support of current net neutrality rules.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is scheduled to decide on Title II rules that regulate the internet.  Ending net neutrality rules could have major implications for consumers and small businesses that rely on the internet.  

I stand with the vast majority of my constituents and support Title II rules that ensure net neutrality.  Recently, I joined my colleagues in a letter demanding that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai remove the net neutrality item from the December Open Meeting Agenda. I also spoke on the House floor to ask my colleagues to join me in contacting the FCC in support of net neutrality.  You can watch my speech by clicking the link here.

You may have seen my recent survey on net neutrality.  The responses demonstrated that constituents overwhelmingly support net neutrality.  Scroll to the bottom of this email to see the complete survey results. 

Speaking Out About the Tax Plan
Holding a press conference to highlight the dangers of the President's tax plan.

Congressional Republicans moved quickly to put together a plan that would make changes to the tax rate for corporations and individuals.  The House passed its version of the plan last month, while the Senate passed a last-minute bill in the early morning of December 2nd.

I heard from hundreds of constituents who wrote me with their opposition to the GOP tax plan.  Many constituents are worried about the proposed changes and expressed concern that this plan would hurt their families.  This prompted me to speak out about the tax plan and hold a press conference with concerned constituents in San Diego. 

During the press conference, I discussed the many reasons why I believe the GOP tax plan is bad for San Diegans.  From limits to the state and local tax deductions to the $1 trillion that the bill would add to the national debt, the tax plan benefits corporate interests more than middle class families. 

I voted against the House bill because it’s clear that it will hurt many hardworking families in San Diego.  You can read more about why I oppose this plan by clicking the link here.

Honoring Veterans in November
Meeting Lieutenant Colonel Allen Miliefsky on Veterans Day.

November is a month to recognize veterans and remember the great sacrifices they have made for our country.  Throughout the month, I attended several events in recognition of their service.

On Veterans Day, I was honored to join our local veterans at the Veterans Day celebration in San Diego. I met with many veterans to thank them personally, including retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Allen Miliefsky, former Department of California Commander of the Jewish War Veterans organization, who served as a navigator in the Vietnam War.

I also joined local veterans at the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial ceremony recognizing Jacqueline Cochran, a record-setting Air Force aviator who broke many barriers during her service. As a former military spouse myself, I know the sacrifice that veterans and their families make for our country.

Welcoming New Americans at Citizenship Ceremony
Meeting new U.S. citizens at Children's Citizenship Ceremony.

Recently, I had the honor of speaking to a group of about 100 young, newly sworn-in U.S. Citizens at the Children Citizenship Ceremony held by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the New Americans Museum.  I was glad to help celebrate this momentous event with them and their families.
Recognizing Linda Vista Branch Library Milestone
Speaking to constituents at the Linda Vista Branch Library.

The Linda Vista Branch Library recently celebrated 30 years in its current location and 75 years of excellent service to the community.  I joined Linda Vista residents in celebrating the library's anniversary and helped congratulate the Branch for reaching this important milestone.
Net Neutrality Survey Results

In general,
 what do you think about the current net neutrality policy?

It's good.  86.2%
Neutral/Not sure.  4%
It's bad.  9.9%

How strongly do you feel about your answer to the above question?

Very strongly  88.6%
Somewhat strongly  9.9%
Not strongly  1.5%

Who do you believe will benefit most if the FCC ends current net neutrality rules?

Internet users/consumers  3%
Internet service providers  88.7%
Both  3.9%
None  4.4%

4,997 responses

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