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May 2014 E-News Report
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Earlier this week, I spoke on the House floor to call attention to the wildfires that ravaged the county. Thanks to our brave first responders and government agencies that have learned the lessons of past fires, these blazes are contained, but not before destroying dozens of homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. 

With natural disasters worsening across the country, it’s more important than ever to ensure that agencies like the Forest Service, the National Weather Service, and FEMA have the resources they need to keep Americans informed and safe.  This appropriations season, I urge my colleagues to come together, as I’ve watched San Diegans do this month, and prioritize these life-saving services for all Americans. 

I regularly post updates and information on my Facebook page and via Twitter, including information about emergency resources, so please follow me on social media.  In the meantime, here is an update about what I have been working on in Washington and in the district.  As always, do not hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Celebrating Mother's Day with Troops in Afghanistan
  2. Passing the Supporting Emotional Learning Act
  3. 2014 Congressional Art Contest Winner
  4. Improving Infrastructure in East County
  5. Funding the Next Phase at San Ysidro
  6. Increasing Transparency in Federal Spending
  7. Cosponsoring the International Violence Against Women Act
  8. Community Snapshots
  9. Defense E-News
  10. Interested in an Internship?

I. Celebrating Mother's Day with Troops in Afghanistan

Since 2009, I have led a bipartisan group of women members of Congress to Afghanistan over Mother’s Day to visit with deployed service members and meet with groups of Afghan women.  Seeing Afghanistan through the eyes of our Mother's Day trips over the last six years has given our bipartisan delegation a unique perspective on our mission in Afghanistan and the future of that country.  Our purpose has been to meet with and thank our troops (seen here with handmade Mother's Day cards from district school children), particularly women serving away from their children and families, and also to engage with Afghan women, including a visit to an amazing school, to better understand their concerns and aspirations. All this came at the same time Afghans experienced the first real, open presidential primary election and are preparing for the departure of coalition forces.  My takeaways from this trip:

  • The Afghan people continue to be wary of the post-2014 environment, and fear of the coalition members abandoning them must be addressed. 
  • With security in mind, there is support for a bilateral security agreement that both leading presidential candidates promise to sign.  Even as coalition forces reduce their presence, there is growing confidence in the Afghan National Army and police, but increasing their ability to operate independent of coalition forces remains a challenge.
  • With so much transition in Afghanistan, the question is really how to judge success.  I believe we can judge their future by how integrated women are in the workings and decisions of the government and civil society.  In many cases, the gains made over the last 13 years will best be sustained where U.S. support is clear in purpose and limited in scope, and where the American people see purpose in our efforts.  Click here for additional information about our trip.  

II. Passing the Supporting Emotional Learning Act

The House recently passed bipartisan legislation - ​​Strengthening Education Through Research Act (H.R. 4366) - to improve research on education programs and ensure those programs are effective in meeting national education priorities. H.R. 4366 includes language from a bill I introduced to help schools integrate social and emotional learning (SEL). The provision from The Supporting Emotional Learning Act (H.R. 4509) would make SEL a topic for educational research.

Scientifically rigorous and relevant educational research is necessary to improve the quality of education in the United States, and inclusion of this language is a good first step to making SEL a central component of our education system.  It’s also promising to see the House come together in a bipartisan fashion to update and reauthorize our educational research capabilities.

 2014 Congressional Art Contest Winner

My office received over 30 entries for the 2014 Congressional Art Competition, with entries coming from high school students throughout the district.  I hosted an open house and student art show in my San Diego office for all of the students who submitted entries to the competition and their families and friends.  It was a pleasure to get a chance to hear directly from these talented young artists about their art and to share the experience with their loved ones.  This year’s winner was Amelia Francis of El Cajon.  Her piece, “Dignity”, is described as a historical self-portrait where the artist has placed herself among the suffragettes working for equality.  Hopefully this thoughtful work of art will remind lawmakers of the importance of equal rights as we walk past it on our way to the Capitol for the next year. 

IV. Improving Infrastructure in East County

Improvements to our infrastructure in the region are key investments that yield economic results and create a better quality of life for county residents.  That’s why I teamed up with Congressman Duncan Hunter in sending a letter to the Department of Transportation in support of federal funds to fix the Bradley Avenue/ State Route 67 interchange in El Cajon.  This area has been a bottleneck for far too long and it is time federal funds made their way to our community so we can address the problem. 

V. Funding the Next Phase at San Ysidro

The entire San Diego congressional delegation joined together in supporting a bipartisan effort to fund the next stage of the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry Modernization and Expansion Project.   The effort is included in the President’s FY2015 budget request to Congress, but must be included in House and Senate-passed appropriations bills in order to be available.  I led a similar effort to fund the project during this fiscal year.  Border lane expansion, support facilities, infrastructure enhancements, and other improvements at San Ysidro are expected to help increase the legal flow of people across the border, which will increase commerce and create thousands of jobs on the U.S. side.

VI. Increasing Transparency in Federal Spending

Last month, the House passed S. 994, the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2013, legislation that would require the disclosure of direct federal agency expenditures and the linking of federal contract, loan, and grant spending information to programs of federal agencies.  This will enable taxpayers and policymakers to track federal spending more effectively.  I support this effort and am pleased President Obama signed the measure into law.

VII. Cosponsoring the International Violence Against Women Act

I was proud to sign on as a cosponsor to the International Violence Against Women Act (H.R. 3571) to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls globally.  Specifically, H.R. 3571 would create an Office of Global Women’s Issues headed by an Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues.  The goal of this office would be to help prevent violence against women around the world so they can play a stronger role in the economic, social, and political development of their countries.   

VIII. Community Snaphots

Visiting Constituents at the United States Naval Academy

I had the honor of visiting the Naval Academy in Annapolis and spending time with midshipmen who are from San Diego! Each year, I am able to nominate young women and men from the 53rd District to attend our service academies.  Interested high school students should check my website starting next month for information about receiving a nomination.

SD Delegation Debates Issues with the Chamber of Commerce

Every year, members of San Diego’s congressional delegation join with the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and hundreds of business and community leaders for the Congressional Chamber Luncheon.  This event gives San Diego’s business community the opportunity to hear from Members firsthand about the state of the economy and other issues impacting the region.  



Creek to Bay Cleanup in the South Bay

Over a hundred residents registered for the 12th annual Creek to Bay Cleanup held at Discovery Park in Chula Vista.  The local Girl Scouts did a great job of organizing everyone for the clean-up.  Way to go girls!

Visiting with Manufacturers in Chula Vista

I met with Chula Vista-based Hyspan Precision Products about their work manufacturing parts for the Navy and what can be done to make it easier for companies working with the federal government.  Congress can do more to help our small businesses cut through red tape so our servicemembers get what they need and businesses get paid on time.  

IX. Defense E-News

As Ranking Member of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, I spend a lot of time focused on the needs of our military, especially our men and women in uniform and their families. Since I get questioned about how defense and veterans policies coming out of Washington will impact San Diego County, I have started sending out a periodic E-News for anyone who is interested in defense and veterans issues. I will only be sending this information to people who sign up to receive these updates, so please click here to be added to the list. 

X. Interested in an Internship?

Interns gain valuable legislative and public service experience by assisting with constituent inquiries, public events, casework, and other special projects. Internships are a minimum of 10 hours per week and qualify for credit at some colleges. If you are interested in interning in the San Diego office, please submit a resume and cover letter to CA53DOInternapp@mail.house.gov. If you are interested in an internship in my Washington office please submit a resume and cover letter to CA53DCInternapp@mail.house.gov

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