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Since my last update, Congress has seen action on several important issues including the national defense bill and Federal Aviation Administration funding.  Please take a look at my latest E-newsletter below to see what I've been doing for the 53rd district in Washington and San Diego.

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National Defense Authorization Passes House
In a bipartisan vote of 351-66, the House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (NDAA).  The NDAA is the annual budget and spending bill for the Department of Defense, so timely passage is important to our national security.  

As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I moved to include a number of policy items in the NDAA that make needed improvements in a wide range of areas.  These include aircraft maintenance funding, childcare for servicemembers, healthcare for disabled veterans, mental health services, sexual assault prevention, and retention of women in the military. These provisions are critical to our region and national security, as well as our servicemembers, veterans, and their families.

For more information about the amendments I had included in the NDAA, please click here.

House Passes Bipartisan FAA Reauthorization

The House passed a 5-year reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 393-13. I was glad to see members of both parties work together on this crucial bill to fund the FAA, which includes a disaster relief provision that aims to improve infrastructure and preparation for natural disasters.

During consideration, I proposed an amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill to protect emergency responders from illegal drone use during disasters. The amendment, which was adopted in the final bill, requires the federal government to work with state and local entities to inform the public about the dangers of flying drones in emergency zones and to coordinate in enforcing current laws.
Demanding Action on Dreamers and Net Neutrality

There is currently movement in the House to force leadership to consider a number of immigration bills, including the DREAM Act, despite opposition from House Speaker Paul Ryan.  Moderate Republicans are joining Democrats in signing a discharge petition to force a vote on immigration.  I joined this bipartisan effort and signed the petition because of the urgent need to protect Dreamers. 

Another stalled item that is seeing action is net neutrality.  After Senate Democrats passed legislation to restore net neutrality protections, I joined my colleagues in signing a discharge petition to force a vote on this issue in the House.  A free and open Internet provides limitless opportunities for education, commerce, and information sharing and is important to consumers and small businesses.  That's why I believe we must ensure its protection and restore net neutrality rules.  

National Security Impact of Border Sewage Spills

In response to Navy plans to build a $1 billion Navy SEAL training center near Imperial Beach, I am calling for an assessment of how construction and future training at the site could be affected by cross-border sewage spills in the Tijuana River Valley. 

In San Diego, we know these cross-border spills pose a risk to public health and safety.  The last thing we want is our elite Navy SEALs training in water contaminated with sewage.  That's why I included language in this year’s defense bill to require a report from the Navy on any national security concerns surrounding border sewage spills. 
Mother's Day in Afghanistan
Speaking with the troops in Afghanistan on Mother's Day.

This month, I made my 12th annual bipartisan Mother's Day trip to Afghanistan to meet with our troops, including the many moms serving far from their families. Traveling with Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL), we also met with with women serving in the Afghan military and police force as well as Rula Ghani, the First Lady of Afghanistan.

On Mother's Day, we joined our nation's troops for breakfast and delivered handmade cards from students for servicemembers, including members of the California National Guard. It’s always inspiring to spend time with these incredible women and men who are sacrificing so much for our country.

Cosponsored Legislation

H.R. 1832, to authorize the appropriation of funds to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for conducting or supporting research on firearms safety or gun violence prevention. The bill would fund research on gun violence to help find solutions to this critical problem.

H.R. 5476, Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, a bill that sets requirements and limitations regarding the removal from office of a special counsel appointed by the Attorney General, or of another official appointed by the Attorney General, who exercises a similar degree of independence from the Department of Justice (DOJ) chain of command.

Speaking Out for Victims in San Diego
Meeting the speakers and organizers of the Symposium

I was honored to speak at the 3rd Annual Symposium on the Status of Domestic Violence, Homelessness, and Human Trafficking hosted by the San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.  The symposium focused on bringing together major organizations to discuss women’s rights, social services, community concerns, and health rights.  At the event, advocates and survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and homelessness told powerful stories. 

Honoring Incredible Women with BAPAC
Joining the women of BAPAC to honor San Diego's "Hidden Figures."

I had the opportunity to attend this year’s 2018 BAPAC Women’s Brunch as they honored San Diego’s “Hidden Figures” for their outstanding work in the community through STEM & STEAM careers. I believe it's important that we continue to recognize and support women who pursue careers as scientists, engineers, and innovators.

Visiting Naval Medical Center
Speaking with the staff of the Balboa Naval Medical Center.

Recently, I visited the Balboa Naval Medical Center on a tour with Job Options, Inc. to see some of the excellent work being done to care for our wounded warriors and provide opportunities to people with disabilities.  We must ensure the necessary resources are available to these dedicated caregivers who are treating our veterans and active duty servicemembers.

Town Hall on Gun Violence Prevention
 Listening to constituent concerns about gun violence in our country.
I joined a town hall on gun violence prevention organized by the students of March for Our Lives in San Diego. I was glad to hear from students and parents who keep making their voices loud and clear. Many expressed that they want Congress to ban the sale of assault weapons, close the background check loophole and prohibit the sale of high capacity magazines.

Sadly, tragedy has since struck again at another high school, this time in Santa Fe, Texas.  We have enough experience to move forward and deal with this honestly. We can and we must stop gun violence through our laws and community services. I am calling on the Speaker to bring to the floor a range of protections for our citizens.

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