Rep. Susan Davis Votes to Prevent President Trump’s Sabotage of the Postal Service and Mail Ballots

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Washington, August 22, 2020 | comments

Congresswoman Susan Davis (CA-53) voted for legislation to prevent President Trump from undermining the United States Postal Service after his Postmaster General instituted policies that have delayed mail delivery and threatened the timely arrival of mail ballots to election offices. 

The Delivering for America Act prohibits the Postal Service from implementing policies that would impede prompt or reliable service of mail delivery, provides $25 billion in critical emergency funding for the Postal Service, and requires mail ballots be handled as first-class mail. 

“This is a time of crisis in our country,” said Davis, a senior member of the House Administration Committee, which oversees federal elections. “Families have lost loved ones and livelihoods are threatened. Despite the uncertainties we currently face, the one thing we could always count is the tremendous efficiency of the Postal Service. As someone who should be protecting the Postal Service, the President is actively undermining it in order to help him win reelection. This has jeopardized the timely delivery of paychecks, prescription drugs, and other vital mail. It’s clear Congress needs to step in and protect the Postal Service, a cornerstone of our democracy.”

While the Postmaster General recently announced that he would suspend the polices that resulted in mail delays, he has refused to undo the actions already taken by his order that have impacted operations. The Delivering for America Act would force him to undo his actions. 

In June, President Trump appointed Louis DeJoy, a major Republican donor with not prior postal experience, as Postmaster General. Soon after his appointment, DeJoy ordered blue mailboxes to be locked shut, had sorting machines removed from postal facilities, denied overtime for postal workers, and require post offices to close during lunch.

Almost overnight, Davis’s office received more than 1400 pieces of mail about the mail. Her constituents highlighted delays in mail delivery and worried about not getting deliveries such as prescription drugs. 

Recently released internal postal service documents have shown steep declines in service as a result of DeJoy’s operational changes. 

On Tuesday, August 18, Davis held a press conference with her San Diego Congressional Colleagues, demanding the Postmaster General reverse his so-called cost-cutting policies and restore operations to previous levels. Dejoy announced the same day that he was suspending such polices but refused to reopen locked blue mailboxes and return sorting machines, forcing the House to take action. 

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