Rep. Susan Davis Announces Support of Impeachment Inquiry

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Washington, September 24, 2019 | comments

Rep. Susan Davis released the following statement on her announcement to support impeachment inquiry.

“President Trump’s actions surrounding Ukraine epitomize his disregard for checks and balances as well as normal practices and protocols. It adds to a growing list of illegal acts and abuse of power showing that this President does not have either the capacity or the interest to follow the rule of law. 

“It is time to open an impeachment inquiry. To not move forward would make Congress complicit in the President's behavior. The President admitted he made the call, leveraging the power of his office to get what he wanted from a head of State. The Director of National Intelligence has refused to send the whistleblower complaint to Congress as required by law. 

“It has always been my approach to be as deliberate as possible when facing issues of this importance, especially when looking for unity from across the aisle. 

“I call on my Republican colleagues, especially those who have privately expressed exasperation with the President, to join with Democrats and protect the integrity of the office of the Presidency and our democracy. Considering the threat to our national interest and national security, I would think my Republican colleagues would be natural allies.”

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