Congresswoman Susan Davis Named a Finalist for “Best in Congress” Constituent Service Award

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Washington, March 20, 2019 | comments

U.S. Rep. Susan Davis (CA-53) was named a finalist for The Congressional Management Foundation's (CMF) highly competitive Democracy Awards for excellence in the Constituent Service category. The award focuses on how an office serves constituents, especially how it uses and leverages specific, methodical, and consistent processes for achieving measurable results in constituent service.

“As a finalist in Constituent Service, Rep. Davis’ office is one of the best in Congress,” said Bradford Fitch, President and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation. “This designation demonstrates that Rep. Davis has made a significant commitment to being the best public servant for her constituents in California. Rep. Davis and her staff are to be congratulated for not only being a model for colleagues in Congress, but for helping to restore trust and faith that our democratic institutions can work,” he said.

“Constituent service is the most rewarding part of our job and we take great pride in making the federal government work for the taxpayers,” said Rep. Davis, a former social worker. “My staff and I prioritize constituent service because we know it directly impacts people’s lives.  Service is our mission. I’m honored and thank CMF for their efforts to raise awareness about the work Congress does to serve the public.”

Twelve House and Senate offices were honored as finalists in three categories: 1) Constituent Service; 2) Transparency, Accountability, and Innovation; and 3) "Life in Congress"- Workplace Environment. House and Senate personal offices self-nominated using an online questionnaire, and CMF followed up with offices to gather documentation and assess the office's adherence to the established criteria.

In 2018, Davis was awarded the first-ever Democracy Award for "Life in Congress"- Workplace Environment for her office policies which emphasize both flexibility and accountability.  

“Positivity begets productivity” said Davis. “I am honored that my office was recognized for both our positive, collaborative atmosphere and for the productive results we deliver for my constituents.  They go hand in hand.”

Davis has displayed excellence in constituent services through a few signature practices and by putting constituent service ahead of politics.

Last year, Davis successfully helped about 850 constituents, securing more than $2 million in benefits from federal agencies.  Davis’s office helps constituents one-on-one with all federal agencies. The bulk of her cases involve veterans benefits, IRS refunds and immigration issues.

Every member of Davis’s staff connects with constituents by having bi-weekly mail goals, answering more than 41,000 constituent letters, emails, and calls last year.

Davis’s public event ideas for the district are constituent-generated. When constituents had questions about the new tax law and how it would impact them, Davis brought in tax experts and hosted a purely informational event, though she strongly opposed the bill on the floor.  Davis also created her own Global Policy Speakers Series to bring experts on world affairs and current events to speak with her constituents about their concerns.

Davis’s Washington office offers constituents behind-the-scenes tours and Davis or her staff meet with every constituent who requests a meeting.

A committee comprised primarily of former Members of Congress and former congressional staffers will select the two winners (one Democrat and one Republican) for each category. Winners will be announced in May and a ceremony to honor finalists and winners will be held on June 20, 2019.

The Democracy Awards is CMF’s honors program recognizing non-legislative achievement in operations and constituent service by congressional offices and Members of Congress. The Founding Partner for the Democracy Awards is the Bridge Alliance, which provided a generous grant to launch the program. Bridge Alliance is a diverse coalition of more than 80 organizations committed to revitalizing democratic practice in America.

The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit whose mission is to build trust and effectiveness in Congress. Since 1977, CMF has worked internally with Member, committee, leadership, and institutional offices in the House and Senate to identify and disseminate best practices for management, workplace environment, communications, and constituent services. CMF also is the leading researcher and trainer on citizen engagement, educating thousands of individuals and facilitating better relationships with Congress. For more information, please visit

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