Congresswoman Susan Davis Statement on the Closing of the San Ysidro Point of Entry

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Washington, November 26, 2018 | comments

WASHINGTON, DC (November 26, 2018) – Congresswoman Susan Davis (CA-53) released the following statement on the closure of the San Ysidro Port of Entry and confrontations at the border.

“The closure of the San Ysidro Point of Entry and the clashes at the border stem from the refusal of the Trump Administration to follow the law. Trump continues to be rebuked by federal judges for violating our nation’s laws. First, it was separating families and now it’s the failure to allow migrants to legally apply for asylum in a timely fashion.

“By ignoring the law and long-standing policies for processing asylum claims, this president is putting not only migrant families at risk but border patrol and servicemembers, as well. The vast majority of migrants are seeking a better life – not confrontations with law enforcement. It’s time for this president to start following the law and abandon attempts to militarize a response to immigration. Congress also needs to address long-neglected comprehensive immigration.”

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