Congresswoman Susan Davis Demands a Vote to Close Terrorist Gun Loophole

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Washington, DC, December 8, 2015 | comments

U.S. Rep. Susan Davis (D-San Diego) took action to force a vote on commonsense, life-saving legislation to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.  Rep. Davis signed a discharge petition to bring the bipartisan Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act (H.R. 1076) immediately up for a vote.  The bill would close the dangerous loophole that allows suspected terrorists on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist to legally buy deadly weapons.

“People that our government suspects of having terrorist ties should not able to walk into a store and buy a gun,” said Rep. Davis. “Fixing this loophole is an immediate step we can take to make our country safer. It’s commonsense reform that deserves a vote.”

According to a report by the Government Accountability Office, since 2004, more than 2,000 suspects on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist have successfully purchased weapons in the United States.  More than 90 percent of all suspected terrorists who attempted to purchase guns in the last 11 years walked away with the weapon they wanted, with just 190 rejected despite their ominous histories. 

A discharge petition is a procedural move Representatives can use when the Majority is blocking consideration of a bill. If a discharge petition gets 218 signatures, the Majority must allow for a vote on the bill. The discharge petition for H.R. 1076 can viewed here

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