On 95th Anniversary of Women Securing the Vote, Rep. Susan Davis Calls for Full Equality for Women, Greater Voter Protections

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Washington, DC, August 26, 2015 | comments

On Women’s Equality Day, the day the 19th Amendment was included to the U.S. Constitution, Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) called for action on equal rights for women, especially in the area of equal pay and ensuring Americans have access to the ballot.

"Throughout history women have made great contributions to our society despite the unjust conditions due to the lack of equal rights and equal pay,” said Davis. “The 19th Amendment was about more than giving women the right to vote, it was about living up to the principles set forth in the founding of our great country. Nearly 100 years later full equality still eludes us, especially when it comes to wages and with states placing more restrictions on voting.”

The lack of overall equality for women continues to spark a national debate. Despite the positive shift in economic growth and the rise of employment within the U.S. women still earn less than men fifty years after the Equal Pay Act was implemented. Davis is fighting for the enactment of the Paycheck Fairness Act to provide a much-needed update of the Equal Pay Act by providing effective remedies to women who are not being paid equal wages for doing equal work.

Women still only earn on average 77 cents on the dollar to men. African-American women earn even less at 67 cents and the wage gap grows even larger for Latina women who earn just 60 cents on the dollar compared to men.

With many states implementing laws that will make it harder for people to vote, Davis is a cosponsor of legislation, the Voter Empowerment Act, to ensure equal access to ballot. The VEA includes two bills Davis is sponsoring in the 114th Congress - the Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act and the Federal Election Integrity Act.

August 26 marks the 95th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment being added to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited denying a citizen's right to vote based on gender. 

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