Rep. Susan Davis Takes Over as Ranking Democrat on Higher Education and Workforce Training Subcommittee

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Washington, DC, January 31, 2017 | comments

Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego), a senior member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, was named as the Ranking Democrat on the Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training, which plays a key role in shaping higher education policy.

“Higher education is the issue of our time,” said Davis. “This is an amazing opportunity to craft higher education and workforce policy that will make a difference. We need the best-educated workforce in the world to compete in today’s global economy. Now more than ever, high school students and their families feel that college is out of reach. Those who are able to graduate from college are so saddled with debt that they’re forced to push back buying a home, a car, or building credit to engage in our economy in a healthy way. I’m honored and excited to get to work with my colleagues on the subcommittee.”

Davis got her start in public service because of education. In 1983 she ran for a seat on the San Diego Board of Education. She served on the Board for nine years, including as vice-president and president.

The San Diego region is home to a robust education and research presence with top-notch universities and colleges – such as San Diego State University, Southwestern College, University California, San Diego, and University of San Diego. There are dozens of quality elementary and secondary schools.

Davis’s priorities for the Subcommittee will be increasing access to a college degree, equal opportunity in education and the workplace, student safety, and emphasizing career and technical training – especially for women.

A post-secondary education is a near necessity in order to succeed in the workforce. Davis will work to ensure that college in an attainable goal for all students, regardless of their economic situation.  Davis has always fought for greater affordability and access to a college degree.

Davis will continue to champion equal access to education and workforce training with her support of immigrants and students of color, and resources for women and girls who wish to pursue technical and science degrees.

As author of the SOS Campus Act, Davis will continue pushing to create positive college campuses with policies preventing and appropriately responding to sexual harassment and assault.

As a result of this appointment to the Higher Education Subcommittee, Davis will relinquish her role as Ranking Democrat on the Subcommittee on Military Personnel of the House Armed Services Committee. Davis was Chair of the Military Personnel Subcommittee from 2007 through 2010 and has served as the Ranking Democrat since 2011.

“It was a tough decision to leave the Military Personnel Subcommittee,” said Davis. “The most important aspect of our military is its people. I have never been more proud to be an advocate and resource for our men and women in uniform. Even though I will no longer lead the Democrats on the Subcommittee, as a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I will continue to play a key role in shaping policy that ensures our servicemembers have the pay, benefits, and support they deserve.”

Davis leaves a solid record of accomplishments as the top Democrat on the Military Personnel Subcommittee.

She worked to provide the best benefits for servicemembers possible. Military pay was raised annually and benefits, such as family leave, were expanded under her leadership.

Davis was a tireless advocate for women in the military, supporting expanding roles for women - including combat roles. She also pushed for U.S. support for women in Afghanistan, providing resources to ensure they are able to play a significant role in the future of their country.

In 2007, Davis chaired the first hearing on the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy that excluded gays from serving openly. Davis led the charge to repeal the discriminatory law, which was ended in 2010.

The Department of Defense has a strong and growing apparatus to prevent and prosecute sexual assault in the military because of Davis’s leadership on the subcommittee.

The new position is effective immediately. Ranked by seniority, Davis is the number two Democrat on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce and the number three Democrat on the House Committee on Armed Services.

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