Rep. Susan Davis Opposes Special Interest Energy Bill

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Washington, DC, May 25, 2016 | comments

Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) opposed a partisan energy bill that promotes fossil fuels at the expense of renewable energy.  The bill would also gut the Endangered Species Act under the false notion that it will provide drought relief to California.

“We need an energy policy suited for the 21st Century that invests in the future,” said Davis. “San Diego is leading the way on solar energy, accounting for more than 8,000 jobs. We need to build on that momentum. Sadly, this bill is tone deaf to our energy needs and the crisis we face from climate change. If you wanted to hasten the effects of climate change, this would be the bill to do it.”

The bill continues giveaways to fossil fuel while strangling our nation’s investment in renewable energy. It also provides additional subsidies to prop up coal. By under cutting the environmental rules and standards, this bill would essentially rubber stamp pipelines and cross border energy projects.

While supposedly designed to address the drought in California, this partisan, special interest bill preempts state water law, guts environmental protections, and threatens West Coast fishing industry jobs. 

“I reject the notion that the only way to provide drought relief is to put endangered species at greater risk,” said Davis. “We need bipartisanship not politics to bring drought relief and support to communities. Sadly, the bill before the House simply continues a fight that opponents of the Endangered Species Act have been waging for decades and framing it as drought relief.”

In response to the worst drought in California’s history, Davis is an original cosponsor of a comprehensive water bill in the House to upgrade California’s water infrastructure. Using the Reclamation Fund, which is flush with a $10 billion surplus, the Drought Relief and Resilience Act would fund wastewater-recycling projects, provide a $2,000 tax credit to homeowners for the purchase and installation of water-capturing systems, increase water use efficiency, and provide relief to farming communities. 

The bill does all this without reducing environmental protection laws.

Davis has also been leading efforts in San Diego to increase the supply drinking water. She spearheaded a San Diego delegation letter in support of nearly $9 million in federal funding for the Sweetwater Authority to expand a desalination facility. 

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