Congresswoman Susan Davis: House GOP Tax Bill Shortchanges the Middle Class

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Washington, DC, November 16, 2017 | comments

Congresswoman Susan Davis released the following statement on passage of the House Republican Tax Bill.

“The House Republican Tax Bill shortchanges the middle class in favor of corporate special interests, raising taxes on millions of working families and exploding our national debt by $1.5 trillion. Furthermore, the corporate tax cuts never expire while the cuts for people go away after just five years.

“Instead of closed door negotiations, we could have found a bipartisan path to a simpler tax code while being fairer to the American people who deserve to keep more of their hard-earned dollars. We could have paired tax reform with ways to better grow the economy rather than the time worn failure of trickledown economics which is a ‘trickle’ for the many and ‘waterfall’ for the few.”

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