Congresswoman Susan Davis Responds to Trump’s Tweets on Banning Transgender Americans from Serving in our Military

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Washington, DC, July 26, 2017 | comments

Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego), a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, released the following statement on President Trump’s tweets on banning transgender Americans from serving in the military.

“The one thing this President needs to convey to our transgender servicemembers and veterans is gratitude – gratitude that they stood up and raised their right hand and said, ‘Send me.’ They volunteered for our country courageously and they continue to serve. 

“Trans Americans have been through so much to make a decision around their gender identity – a decision that most of us can’t even begin to understand.  Trans Americans are courageous, they are brave, they are strong. They are exactly who we want fighting for our country.”

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