Rep. Susan Davis Hosts Student Financial Aid Workshop

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Chula Vista, March 12, 2015 | comments

CHULA VISTA – Congresswoman Susan Davis (CA-53) hosted a financial aid workshop for students at Eastlake High School who are looking to head off to college soon.  A representative from the Department of Education spoke on how to apply for federal financial aid, how to accept financial aid packages, and the best way to repay student loans after graduation.

“It’s inspiring to see so many students at the workshop for some free advice on how to get the most of their student loans,” said Davis, a senior member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.  “I hope these students will remain engaged and push all of us in Washington to come up with new plans and devote more resources towards student aid.”

Student debt is now larger than all credit card debt combined – and threatens to overwhelm our economy if Congress doesn’t do something about it. It is holding back the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people, keeping them from taking part in the American Dream.

Davis introduced a bill last week to eliminate loan origination fees which are nothing more than a hidden tax that we have unfairly placed on young people trying to get an education.  She also plans to reintroduce legislation that will require extra payments made on student loans go toward paying down the principal on the loan and not the interest.

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