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  • Congresswoman Susan Davis Votes to Protect Retirement Benefits for Millions of Californians
    Posted in Press Releases on February 15, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Economy and Jobs, Social Security

    In what is likely to one of many confrontations between Congress and the state, Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) opposed an effort in the House to strip access to retirement benefits from millions of Californians who work in the private sector. Davis voted against a resolution to kill a policy created by President Obama that lets states help private employees save money for retirement. “After the extraordinary events of this week, I had hoped that the House would move forward with a swif... Read more

  • Congresswoman Susan Davis Vows to Fight for Retirement Security on Anniversary of Social Security
    Posted in Press Releases on August 12, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Social Security

    SAN DIEGO – As the anniversary of the enactment of Social Security nears, Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) renewed her commitment to protecting this vital program for today’s seniors and future generations. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Social Security into law on August 14, 1935. “Social Security has been a stable and secure source of income for millions of seniors and families, many of whom desperately need it, over these last eight decades,” said Davis. “Without Social Sec... Read more

  • Congresswoman Susan Davis Votes to Renew Support Programs for Seniors
    Posted in Press Releases on March 22, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care, Social Security

    As millions of elderly Americans face economic challenges to sustain quality health care and in home supportive services, Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) voted to renew support programs vital to seniors. The House passed its renewal of the Older Americans Act, which provides critical social and nutritional services, such as meal delivery and respite care. “We must ensure the health, welfare and future of our nation’s greatest generation,” said Davis. “Seniors deserve to live with dignit... Read more

  • Congresswoman Susan Davis Urges Speaker to Protect Seniors in the Budget
    Posted in Press Releases on March 11, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Social Security

    In a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Congresswoman Susan Davis joined 79 of her House colleagues in urging the Speaker to reject policy proposals in the budget that would hurt seniors. “The budgets that Congress passes must protect seniors and our nation’s most vulnerable,” said Davis. “It’s becoming all to common for members of the majority party to attempt to balance the budget on the backs of seniors. We can meet America’s needs in a fiscally responsible manner if we simply work together ... Read more

  • On its 50th Anniversary, Rep. Susan Davis Calls for Renewal of Older Americans Act
    Posted in Press Releases on July 14, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care, Social Security

    As the Older Americans Act turns 50, Congresswoman Susan Davis called for reauthorization of the program that provides millions of seniors and their caregivers with social and nutrition services. “We owe a debt of gratitude to the older generations who built and kept our country safe and strong,” said Davis. “They deserve the right to live with dignity and independence. The OAA allows seniors to do that. It’s long overdue that we renew this law to ensure that it meets the needs of today’s older... Read more

  • Davis, Schwartz, and Takano Lead Efforts to Ensure Same-Sex Couples Receive the Social Security Benefits They've Earned
    Posted in Press Releases on October 1, 2014 | Preview rr
    Tags: Civil Rights, Social Security, Good Government

    U.S. Reps. Susan Davis (CA-53), Allyson Y. Schwartz (PA-13), and Mark Takano (CA-41) led 127 U.S. Representatives today in urging the Social Security Administration to improve outreach to same-sex couples. State and federal laws determining Social Security benefits for same-sex couples have changed significantly in recent years. Prior to 2013, same-sex couples were unable to obtain Social Security benefits, even if they were legally married and lived in a state that recognized marriage equality... Read more

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