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  • Youngsters need a strong start to finish ahead
    Posted in Editorials on February 7, 2014 | Preview rr

    There’s a growing recognition today that early education should be a national priority. As a parent and grandparent, I’d say it’s about time. The president first made the call for a national pre-K initiative in his State of the Union address last year. Since then, several proposals have been introduced in Congress, with countless parents, think-tanks and advocacy groups joining in a wave of support. Despite such enthusiasm, however, the vision of pre-Kindergarten for all remains just that — a vi... Read more

  • Take Action to Promote Animal Welfare
    Posted in Editorials on May 14, 2013 | Preview rr

    Americans love animals. Over half of all American families own pets, and we overwhelmingly believe in protecting animals from cruelty and suffering. Yet too many of the businesses that provide Americans with their beloved companions perpetuate inhumane practices against dogs and cats, and I’m certain that even those who enjoy meat and animal products would be horrified by the conditions to which many livestock animals are subjected. When it comes to protecting animals under the law, we still hav... Read more

  • A third approach to reducing debt: a growing, thriving economy
    Posted in Editorials on April 12, 2013 | Preview rr

    Springtime in Washington usually means budget time, and Congress recently engaged in a debate on fiscal policy for the nation. It is an arcane process that doesn’t get the attention it probably deserves and can cause the average person’s eyes to glaze over when discussed in the detail. San Diegans may not follow every step of the budget process but they should see the impact on their lives. Especially with the mindless across-the-board spending cuts, known as sequestration, starting to kick in. ... Read more

  • Demonstration Speech
    Posted in Editorials on January 3, 2013 | Preview rr

    When a Member of Congress is given time to formally express an opinion or make a statement on an issue before the House, they are said to have the 'floor' of the House, and their views are referred to as a 'Floor Speech'.How House Members are allotted time to speak, or sometimes observe silence, are adapted from rules of order originally written by Thomas Jefferson. The speeches and other proceedings of the House are published daily in the Congressional Record.In the Speeches listed on this webs... Read more

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