As Social Security Turns 80, Rep. Susan Davis Vows to Protect it for Current Beneficiaries and Future Generations

Aug 14, 2015
Press Release

WASHINTON — For 80 years Social Security has been a vital source of retirement income for millions of seniors.  Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego) renewed her promise to fight to protect Social Security and ensure its existence for future generations. 

“After eight decades of being there for the American people, the last thing we want to do is weaken the guarantee of Social Security,” said Davis. “It is not only a source of support for seniors, but a critical safety net for children and people living with disabilities. The lives of Americans relying on Social security would be turned upside down if that promise were to be broken.”

Without Social Security, 37 percent of California’s seniors would be living in poverty.  Nearly 60 million Americans – seniors, children, and people living with disabilities – receive Social Security benefits.

Davis has worked to safeguard Social Security, opposing efforts in Congress to privatize it, and has fought to ensure its continued solvency for current beneficiaries and future recipients.

Davis’s office routinely works with constituents to navigate the bureaucratic process sometimes associated with Social Security. She encourages constituents with questions about benefits to contact her office.