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As America faces incredible challenges from an aging infrastructure, Susan understands the need for safe, reliable and efficient transport routes that meet the demands of our nation's active commuters. The San Diego region is fortunate to have an extensive freeway and bus system as well as trolley and commuter rail. However, we lag behind many cities its size when it comes to transit, road improvement, and pedestrian and bike safety.

Susan understands that freeway congestion can be a major problem for her constituents, especially those in East and South County

We need to fix our roads and bridges while we also improve the efficiency, speed, and convenience of our public transportation systems to give people more transportation options. Adding more freeway lanes alone will not solve our traffic problems. To keep San Diego's transportation infrastructure viable and accessible, we need to improve light rail commuter trolley and railroad transportation systems. More bike paths are not only critical to our transportation solutions but also encourage a healthier lifestyle. Clearly, these projects are a first step rather than a final solution, and Susan will continue to be a strong advocate for enhancing our public transit infrastructure and other smart growth policies.

Fixing our Roads and Bridges and Expanding Public Transit

The passage of bipartisan legislation to provide long-term funding for infrastructure improvement is welcome news to communities like San Diego facing daunting infrastructure needs. The comprehensive Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which Susan supported, will help communities fund local repair projects and make road and highway improvements. Efforts to construct two HOV lanes on 805 between Palomar Street and SR 94 would also be eligible for funding support.

The FAST Act also includes a significant investment in public transit.

San Diego Transit

Susan has played a key role in working to make San Diego a more transit-and-commute friendly, livable community. She supported the FAST Act, which included a 75 percent increase in bus funding. Under the bill, federal funding will be available for the San Diego Trolley.


Susan championed the expansion of the trolley line through Mission Valley East to serve San Diego State University and surrounding communities. She helped pass a wide-ranging transportation bill that will help the Trolley make improvements to station platforms and replace existing shelters on the Blue and Orange Lines.

Susan has worked to provide federal support for the Mid-Coast Trolley Expansion. Her office was also involved in the effort to ensure the VA Hosptial in La Jolla was made one of the stops along the route.

Gas Prices

Residents in the San Diego region pay some of the highest gas prices in the country. Susan understands the strain that families are feeling due to prices at the pump. She has supported efforts to create a fair marketplace for oil and gas to prevent price gouging, as well as pushing for greater fuel efficiency for cars and trucks.  Vehicles going farther on a tank of gas mean fewer visits to the pump. 

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