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Social Security

Protecting Social Security

Social Security provides a critical safety net to senior citizens throughout our nation. Without Social Security, nearly 40% of California’s seniors would be living in poverty. Susan is committed to safeguarding Social Security and ensuring its continued solvency for current beneficiaries and future recipients.

Susan continues to oppose budgets that cut funding for the Social Security Administration at risk. Cuts to the SSA’s office budget mean that benefits won’t be processed in a timely manner and threaten to create backlogs for benefits claims.

Opposition to Social Security Privatization

Privatization places much of the risk of a secure retirement on the individual. Social Security exists for the same reason that insurance exists—it is a safety net in case of poor planning, stock market failure or if a bad economy eliminates a person's income from other sources. Privatizing our Social Security system makes it vulnerable to the very economic factors that its founders sought to counterbalance.

Individual Casework

If you have concerns about your personal Social Security benefits, please refer to my federal agency assistance page by clicking here.

To go to the Social Security Administration’s website click here.

For information related to Supplemental Security Income for the elderly, blind, or disabled who have little or no income please click here.

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